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Ryde from Southsea and Ryde Pier.

Taking away everything except the drawing - Ink on acetate, plus a bit of judicious sanding to add texture, framed between two sheets of glass.

(photographed against a coloured background, otherwise nothing to see!)

Ryde from Southsea.jpg
Ryde Pier.jpg
Carpe Momentum_series View.jpg

Carpe Momentum Series

An exhibition created for the Earl Mountbatten Hospice, Isle of Wight, designed to trigger conversations about death, but became more of a discussion about how we live life, hence the title, translated as ‘Seize the moment’.

Find Mountains, fail, learn more.

One of the eight images comprising the Carpe Momentum series.

Print and drawing on acetate, sandwiched between a clear acrylic sheet backing and glass, evoking both the transience of memory and the reminders generated through photographs of experience and life being lived.

Find Mountains.jpg
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