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Lyndy uses a wide variety of media and processes, although shadows are a consistent element in her work whether as a result of light on a textured surface, light through acetate where opaque ink casts the image, or the long shadow cast by time.


The interest in ‘process’ has emerged as a very eclectic art practice, from white tactile textural paintings to limited palette collage, drawing, ceramics, collograph and etching. All of which have contributed to altered books, creating artists books and even making a rod puppet.

Although rooted in challenging perception, Lyndy’s practice is all about exploration; whether through unexpected materials, using sound, installation, shadows, touchable artwork or recently, experimental drawing with light in virtual reality. For many exhibitions, she creates work that encourages interaction. Some working threads are revisited but there is probably no hope that Lyndy will ever sit in a single genre!

Lyndy has completed commissions for many clients across the south of England, which include personal memorabilia, images and research – it is a privilege to build a relationship and achieve outcomes which are often very specific to the client; on many occasions illustrating an individual life, family history or location, creating work which is something between archive and art.

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