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Small things

A series of small drawings collected into thoughts. Ink on 2cm torn squares of Bockingford Paper.

Hopefully everyone will recognise the themes and smile a little!



The first one; I couldn’t decide which of all the things that inspire me, I should choose to create work for an exhibition entitled – you guessed it – inspiration.

So made small drawings of everything – all those ideas on post-its littering my studio desk, book titles, quotes, geology, coffee . . .

The final piece contained 196 small drawings, including such details as my amazing father in law reading his paper, an acorn cup, references to stone circles – what would your mind look like?



– arising from shallow (as opposed to in-depth) research on buying habits and lovely statistics such as ‘e-coli is found on 50% of supermarket trollies’.

Kitchen Drawer.jpg

Kitchen Drawer


– all those bits and bobs that gravitate to a particular kitchen drawer – admit it, we all have one.

Living on an island.jpg


– have only had two of these but many of the myths are true.

Living on an island

– amazing but not without issues.

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