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Round the Island.jpg

Round the Island

It’s not possible to be an artist on the Isle of Wight and avoid boats!

A digital monoprint of a great day on Ryde Sands, walking out to within meters of the racing yachts, printed on a local admiralty chart.

Oyset Shell.jpg

Oyster Shell

Etching with silver leaf detail, Bockingford 300gsm  paper

Deckchairs_Solar Print.jpg

Deckchairs, Solar Print.

Reconnecting with this process after many years, and experimenting with a lightbox has involved much testing. Testing of the process, testing of materials and testing of patience!

However, a few pieces are finally coming together.

Brighton West Pier

Digital monoprint on music score (lyrics about Prince Regent)

Brighton West Pier.jpg


Digital monoprint, this is a term I’ve made up as I’m not sure how else to label these prints.

Created by manipulating one of my photographs digitally, flipping the image then using that as the base for one-off transfer printing, or perhaps ‘rubbing’ would be a better description, onto a substrate, sometimes a related map, sometimes a page from an old text book. Outcomes can be a bit random, but hopefully interesting.

Toadstools has been transferred onto a text book page – about fungus.


Print plates are lovely, I think that is what drew me to printing in the first place. This is an attempt to recreate that pitted surface on soft sheet metal, but of course I can’t leave it alone, so cut slots in the metal and inserted drawings.

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