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Binstead hard.jpg

Binstead Hard
Repurposed map and collage, had a great time tracking down ephemera contemporary to the map, for such a localised piece of work.


BS6 and BS5
Map, porcelain, print and collage, possibly trying to combine a lot of processes in one small (upcycled) frame. The title relate to the flags flying on the porcelain yachts.

helford river.jpg

Helford River
Admiralty charts, lots of navigational information and not much land based information makes for a minimal landscape but rich seascape, collaged ‘pebbles’ are all originals and from related maps, books and guides.

Lizard Point
Admiralty charts and a great way to use collected leaflets, tourist guides and photographs, it’spossible to have a whole holiday on one canvas.

Lizard Point.jpg
Westwight N1.jpg

Westwight N1
One of a series, applying the mappy collage process, created after relocating to the amazing Isle of

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