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LM Start.jpg

As a newbie sailor, race starts are a complete mystery. But this is my interpretation, White porcelain
sails suspended on fishing line, catch the light and breeze, jostling for position on a column of ‘sea’.

Nowhere to hide
Inspired by a poem, ‘We are all artists’ by Bella Wright, and with her permission written on plastic
and woven into the screen structure. The name of the piece reflects the poem content – we are all
artists of our own destiny/life/choices/wars.

Nowhere to hide.jpg
GDG gradfather.jpg

GDG Grandfather
One element from an installation entitled ‘Generation Data Group’. Representing the lives of three
engineers – mechanical, electrical and data – using changing technology relevant to those
generations; from drawing and printing through electronics to Virtual Reality.
The ‘Grandfather’ is an etched acrylic book, using string as a binding, recounting memories of almost
a century of change.

GDG Son View 2.jpg

The ‘son’ part of GDG, heading into the world of data engineering, represented by a Virtual Reality
experience that immerses the participant in a whole new experience.
(View 1) – heading into the ‘drawing’
(View 2) – inside the data.

GDG Son view 1.jpg
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