Papier mache, built on a real leaf, a whole circle of life thing really.

Appley watch tower
The tile of the original postcard forming part of this agamograph, combined with a current
photograph of the tower, provides an ‘old’ or ‘new’ image depending on the angle of view. A bit of
geometry and happy hours browsing boxes of old postcards – created for an exhibition about Ryde.

Love the quiet stillness of fog, the way it disrupts light. A canvas completely chopped up and
reconstructed on a mirrored background tries to do the same!

Etherwave Music
The weird sound of early science fiction soundtracks is created with a Theramin, there’s one hidden
inside this canvas, triggered by movement, you can play an octave if you are careful.

A response to the education system and its barbed wire protection and preference for STEM subjects.  We
need the ‘A’ for arts to be included and not apparently greyed out (using zinc tacks in this case);
without creativity everything is perhaps just linear thinking.